01. He writes a regular newspaper [column] on political issues.
02. The house has a large porch with huge [columns] on either side.
03. A thin [column] of smoke could be seen rising from the campsite.
04. She writes a cooking [column] for a popular weekly magazine.
05. Nelson's [column] in Trafalgar Square is a popular tourist attraction in London.
06. A long [column] of soldiers marched into the square, and took up position.
07. I think your article will look more interesting if you put the information into three vertical [columns] instead of one.
08. The [column] of ants was slowly marching towards the picnic basket.
09. A [column] of black smoke was rising from the wreckage of the bombed out building.
10. The troops were advancing in separate [columns] across the front towards the enemy's position.
11. Trajan's [Column] was erected in Rome to honor his victories over his enemies.
12. Single, freestanding colossal [columns] were used as commemorative monuments in the Roman Empire from the Hellenistic period onwards.
13. Writer William Safire once suggested that the most successful newspaper [column] is one that causes the reader to throw down the paper in anger.
14. In Northern Island, there is a series of rock [columns] formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago, known as the Giant's Causeway.
15. In 1886, The Times became the first British newspaper to institute a personal [column] on its classified page.
16. In March of 1966, the Nelson [Column] in Dublin was destroyed in an Irish Republican Army bomb explosion.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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